Conservation: The Workshop
- Exhibit Νο1 -

Conservation of works of art is related with a wide range of sciences and is an occupation that requires several mental and manual skills. The broad education and expertise of the specialist are the necessary means to have a successful outcome on the procedure performed for the restoration of the deteriorated object.

By following a methodology of approach, the conservator arrives at the comprehension of the object, which is essential for him or her to achieve with his or her work the unveiling and elevation of the authenticity of the object.

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Here, we look at the consolidation treatment of the paint layers of a wall painting, by injection of a synthetic resin.

The object: Wall paintings of the Old Synodical at the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Constantinople.

This is the hall where the sessions of the Holy Synod took place, until 1991. The wall paintings are the work of Irinarhos Kovas, 1943.